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About the Author

Michael Barsamian, a seasoned entrepreneur with over fifty years of business acumen, takes you on an inspiring journey through the pages of his life. Born out of a spirit molded by early morning paper routes, Michael’s daily rituals echo a disciplined commitment to success.

At seventy-five, Michael engages in a friendly battle on the racketball courts, drawing parallels between his competitive spirit and the challenges of entrepreneurship. His routine seamlessly blends prayers with multitasking, reflecting a life grounded in gratitude and efficiency.

Behind the wheel of a Ferrari GTC Lusso, Michael navigates through Boston’s traffic, savoring the joy of the ride and the timeless tunes of Old Blue Eyes. His day unfolds at the Lord’s and Lady’s Hair Salon, a venture he co-founded with his wife Kaye in 1971. Despite his technical retirement, Michael remains intimately involved, emphasizing the significance of a personal touch in leadership.


Beyond the salon, Michael’s ventures extend to luxury apartments, property developments, and ambitious projects like Essex Landing in Saugus. Naples, Florida, becomes a canvas for his entrepreneurial spirit, partnering with friends on construction endeavors. His day culminates in family dinners, jazz tunes on his alto sax, and an early bedtime, emblematic of a life well-lived.

Michael’s memoir is not just a narrative of success; it’s a profound reflection on family history, resilience, and the pursuit of the American Dream. Join him as he shares the wisdom gained from a lifetime of entrepreneurial pursuits, emphasizing the enduring values of hard work, persistence, and the profound impact of personal connections.